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Consultant and Professional Services

We are focused on what we are passionate about, the new video technologies and the social media interaction around them.We specialized in the whole ecosystem of Media Streaming, Over-the-top and Digital TV.

    Professional Services and Consultancy
    Innovation in the digital media world is a non-stopping race. Our experts can provide strategic and technical advice in any and all the stages approaching the digital video world, from the design to integration to management of services.

    Streaming Product Testing and Delivery
    Our company has an advanced testing lab, which we use to stay on the edge of wave. We offer our lab to our customers for testing streaming products and services as the world of devices and screens is wide and not always so compatible and standardized. We help you test encoding, streaming, performance and even simulate situation where your product need to adapt, and most important, we evaluate the user experience.

    We also help you set up your solution delivery. Our experience will help you choose the proper solution. We'll do it for you, or we'll engage you with the right vendors for it, from Hosting, to Cloud Services from CDN to SaaS solutions and CE devices selection.

Connected Devices