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Glidertek, the company that lives and breath constant innovation
in the video industry to create the future of TV.
Live TV and events , optimized to be watched without interruptions on any screen and device. With Nebula VP you can offer live videos or scheduled programming 24x7, using innovative functions like advertisment in-stream, audience analytics and Social TV features.
PVR on the cloud functionality allow users to record show they are watching or schedule a recording directly from the EPG. It provides a virtual Hard-Drive in the cloud which users can manage and operate reducing operational costs and introducing TV anywhere and anytime features.
You can stream live TV or On-deman video on multiple screen, optimizing playback for each device. Our R&D team is always testing and optimizing playback experience for any new device introduced into the market. We develop applications for HTML5 browser-based devices, IOS, Android, Smart-TV, Set-Top-Boxes and games consoles.
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