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Nebula Video Platform is the core of Glidertek's solution for OTT services. Its modular design and deployment cover all features needed for OTT services.

Content Management System. This module defines content in all the aspects for proper management. It also let control live broadcasting, events and metadata.

Subscriber Management
This module, strongly linked to CMS, manages users, content profiles, devices activated, virtual storage for nPVR, customer care, marketing per user and social network activities.

Entitlement y Protection
Also linked to previous modules, it processes security of content and entitlement policies per user.

Content Ingestion
Thorugh this module, content ingestion is managed through encoding and transcoding processes, controlling as well services related to nPVR like recording and storage management.

Presentation and Device Control
This module provides flexibility to present user interface and content to each user in the best format for the device user is connecting with. It also provides the communication layer for the user interface with all the other modules of the platform.

It's the module that delivers content to final user, optimizing the service per device and customer location and assuring content is sent protected. This service can be deployed using CDNs or private in-house solutions..

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