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NEBULA nPVR functionality allow users to record show they are watching or schedule a recording directly from the EPG. It provides a virtual Hard-Drive in the cloud which users can manage and operate reducing operational costs and introducing TV anywhere and anytime features. The main advantage for the operator who uses nPVR is the fact there's no hardware need in customer's household.

    Advantages for the Operator/Provider
    • There is no need of local device in the household for recording
    • Content protection issues are less exposed due to fact content is centralized and never downloaded to user's device. With traditional PVR, where content is recorded locally on a device's storage, piracy risk are higher.
    • With the same technical solution, catch-up TV can also be offered, i.e. previous 48 hours of all channels
    • Less operation costs. When there is equipment in customer's household, there is an increment in maintenance and operation of those devices usually on lease, including RMA process
    • More flexibility to offer a commercial product as it has a very simple subscrioption/cancellation model which doesn't include shipping/return of any hardware
    • Simple service integration with social network for Social TV features
    • Centralized Statistics of service utilization for recording and playback with operational and marketing analysis

Advantages for final user
  • Traditional PVR requires multiple tuners in order to watch and record different channels at the same time. The amount of channels to record simultaneously is a physical limitation of the device installed. The second limitation is given by local storage capacity. With nPVR there is no tuner limitation and flexible storage size.
  • Traditional PVR limits playback functionality to screen where device is connected. With NEBULA nPVR, content can be playbacked in different devices simultaneously even with user is not at home
  • Storage capacity upgradable easily without need of new hardware
  • Control of the nPVR for any operation task from anywhere with Internet connection, even mobile devices.
  • Watch content any time any where
  • Subscription flexibility if operator enables the feature.

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